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I've been playing the new Madonna single all weekend. I really want to like it, and truthfully, the more I listen, the more I do like it, but I have to say it's not very good. My initial impression of the song was that this is the song that Edina Monsoon would pick to record to try to sound young and hip and appeal to the kids of today. And if you know Absolutely Fabulous, you know that if Eddie did record a pop single, it would be the worst, piece of shit song that she could find. To me, this song is really showing Madonna's age, but not in a good way. Cher is older but can still record contemporary dance/pop and not sound like an old broad. I think Madonna is trying to be half her age, and if she was, this song might work. But it sounds like a 50 year old woman trying not to be 50. And the "L-U-V Madonna" bit... Is she already thinking about the episode of Glee where they cover this one?

Like I said, I hope it grows on me more. I'm starting to like it, but I think I'm starting to like it because it's kind of funny.)

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